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On Schopenhauer.

March-April 1868.

Excerpt from:
Friedrich Nietzsche in Words and Pictures.
Part 2. Nietzsche's School Years and Military Service: 1858-68.

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Nietzsche's Writings as a Student.
Translation Copyright 2012, The Nietzsche Channel.

An attempt to explain the world under an assumed factor.

The thing in itself 1 becomes one of its possible forms.
The attempt is unsuccessful.
Schopenhauer did not consider it an attempt.
His thing in itself was disclosed by him.
That he himself did not see the failure of it is to be explained by the fact that he did not want to feel the conflicting darkness in the region where individ[uality] comes to an end.
He mistrusted his judgment.
Passages [in Schopenhauer's work].

The  obscure  drive  brought  under  an  apparatus  of  representation reveals itself as  world.  This  drive  has  not  entered  into  the princip[ium] indiv[iduationis].2


The title page of The World as W[ill] and R[epresentation] already divulges to us what Schopenhauer claims to have achieved for humanity in this work.3

The wistful question of all metaphysicians as the Goethean phrase expresses it, "whether not"ówas boldly answered by him with Yes: and so that the new knowledge catches the eye far and wide like a temple inscription, he has therefore written the redeeming formula for the oldest and most important riddle in the world as the title on the brow of his book, The World as Will and Representation.

The alleged solution then:

In order to easily grasp wherein [....]

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Unpublished Works | On Schopenhauer. 1868 © The Nietzsche Channel