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On the Concept of the Organic since Kant.

April 1868.

Excerpt from:
Nietzsche's Writings as a Student.
Translation Copyright 2012, The Nietzsche Channel.

[Preparatory Notes for a Planned Dissertation: "On the Concept of the Organic since Kant."]1

On Teleology.

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O[n] T[eleology]

Kant tries to prove that a necessitation exists for us to think of natural bodies as premeditated, i.e., according to concepts of purpose.9 I can only add that this is a way of explaining teleology.

The analogy of human experience, moreover, still provides for the accidental, i.e. the unmediated development of purposiveness, e.g., in the fortunate coincidence of talent and destiny, lottery tickets, and other things.

Therefore: in the infinite abundance of actual cases must also be the suitable or purposive.

The necessitation of which Kant speaks hardly exists anymore for our time:  however,  one  remembers "that  even  Voltaire  considered  the teleolo[gical] proof unattainable."10

Optimism and teleology go hand in hand:11 both dispute that the unpurposive is actually something unpurposive.

In general the weapon against teleology is: proof of unpurposiveness.

Through this it would only show that [....]

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Unpublished Works | On the Concept of the Organic since Kant. 1868 The Nietzsche Channel