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Certamen quod dicitur Homeri et Hesiodi


REPRINT: The Nietzsche Channel, 2010.











AgD {?:ZD@L 6" {/F4`*@L 6" J@ (X<@Ll 6" •(<@l "J<.

{_:0D@<  6" {/F4`*@<  J@l  2g4@JVJ@Ll B@40Jl BV<Jgl –<2DTB@4 B@8\J"l *\@Ll gP@<J"4 (g<XF2"4. •88z {/F\@*@l :< J< *\"< <@:VF"l B"JD\*" BV<J"l Jl n48@<g46\"l •BZ88">g< gB< l B"JD "J@

gF"J@ *z –JPz {+846<@l 4.LD < 6f:
}!F6D, Pg:" 6"6, 2XDg4 •D("8X; @*X B@Jz F28.

F significat codicem Laurentianum 56, 1, quem nuper Valentinus Rose in anecd. graec. et graecolat. et R. Schoellius in Herm. vol. III p. 274 descripserunt. Certamen meum in usum contulit Ervinus Rohde Hamburgensis, homo mihi coniunctissimus.

S significat Henricus Stephani apographum e codice F factum, quod in codice Vossiano gr. qu. 18 extat et singulari W. N. du Rieu Batavi humanitate e bibliotheca academiae Lugduno-Batavae Lipsiam mihi transmissum est.

E significat Certaminis primam editionem in libro, cui hunc esse titulum voluit Henricus Stephanus: "{?:ZD@L 6"Â {/F4`*@L •(f<. Homeri et Hesiodi certamen. Nunc primum luce donatum. Matronis et aliorum parodiae" etc. (Genevae anno MDLXXIII).

F BgDÂ Ò:ZD@L 6"Â ºF4`*@L (@L correctum ex T) 6"Â J@Ø (X<@Ll 6"Â •(ä<@l "ÛJä<. S BgDÂ {?:ZD@L 6"Â {/F4`*@L 6"Â J@Ø (X<@Ll 6"Â •(ä<@l "ÛJä<: idem rubr. in marg. et primis quidem quattuor vocibus litteris maiusculis expressis. In marg. infra legitur a la 3* ....., a la 2* E ut S: ultima tantum quattuor verba litteris minusculis expressa sunt. 2 (g<XF2"4] F 8g(XF2"4, SE 8X(gF2"4, Barnesius corr. In aliam Suidas discedit sententiam: {/F4`*@l 5L:"Ã@l, <X@l *¥ 6@:4F2gÂl ÛBÎ J@Ø B"JDÎl )\@L 6"Â :0JDÎl AL64:Z*0l ¦< }!F6D® Jl #@4TJ\"l, vel ut Bernhardyus locum refingere voluit: {/F\@*@l 5L:"Ã@l, B"JDÎl *¥ )\@L 6"Â :0JDÎl AL64:Z*0l. <X@l *¥ 6@:4F2gÂl ÛBÎ J@Ø B"JDÎl ¦< }!F6D®. Cf. Thoenissen de Hesiodi vita (1844) p. 11, Ioannis Tzetzae vita Hes. ap. Westerm. p. 45. 5 gËF"J@] F gËF"J@, corr. Stephanus. In Hes. op. et dieb. v. 639 <VFF"J@, non gËF"J@ exhibetur


{_:0D@< *¥ BF"4 ñl gÆBgÃ< "Ê B`8g4l 6" @Ê –B@46@4 "ÛJä< B"Dz ©"LJ@Ãl (g(g<F2"4 8X(@LF4<. 6" BDäJ@\ (g E:LD<"@4 9X80J@l Ð<J" J@Ø B"Dz "ÛJ@Ãl B@J":@Ø 6" 5D020\*@l <b:n0l 5g68F2"\ n"F4  BD`JgD@<  9g80F4(X<0,  àFJgD@<  :X<J@4  JLn8T-


2X<J". ~?:0D@< :gJ@<@:"F2<"4 *4 J¬< B"Dz "ÛJ@Ãl ¦B Jä< J@4@bJT< FL<Z20 BD@F0(@D\"<. OÃ@4 *¥ BV84< Jg6:ZD4" nXD@LF4< Ç*4@< gÉ<"4  B@8\J0<  8X(@<Jgl  6" BgD4Ff.gF2"\ J4<"l ¦6 J@Ø (X<@Ll  "ÛJ@Ø B"Dz "ßJ@Ãl {?:0D\*"l 6"8@L:X<@Ll. 5@8@nf<4@4 *¥  6"  J`B@<  *g46<b@LF4<,  ¦< ø n"F4< "ÛJÎ< (DV::"J" *4*V-


F6@<J" Jl B@4ZFgTl –D>"F2"4 6"Â B@4F"4 BDäJ@< JÎ< 9"D(\J0<.


BgD  *¥  Jä< (@<XT< "ÛJ@Ø BV84< B@88¬ *4"nT<\" B"D BF\<  ¦FJ4<.  {+88V<46@l :¥< (D 6" 58gV<20l 9"\@<" 8X(@L- F4<,  +Û:"\T<  *¥ 9X80J", 5"88468l *¥ 9"4"(`D"<, )0:`6D4J@l *¥ ID@4.Z<4@l  )"Z:@<"  §:B@D@<,  §<4@4  *¥  I":bD"<,  !Â(bBJ4@4


7 –B@46@4] F B@46@4, S B@46@4 et B rubr. in marg. –B@46@4 G. Hermannus  opusc.  vol.  VI 1. p. 282  et  Welckerus  ep.  Cycl. p. 149. 8 (g(g<F2"4] F (g(g<F2"4 | (g] F Jg, corr. Stephanus | 8X(@LF4<]. FSE 8X(@LF4 9 5D020\*@l] FSE 6D02\*@l, 5D420\*@l Barnesius et Welckerus ep. Cycl. p. 149 10 n"F4] S n", rubr. in marg. n"F\ | 9g80F4(X<0] F :g80F4(g< et S circumflex. rubr. 12 O@4] S P@4 circumflex. rubr. 14 "J@l] FSE "J@l, "J@l Westermannus 16 9"D(\J0<] S :"D(ZJ0<, in marg. (\, rubr. 9"D(\J0< | Excerptor ille, cui codicis Florentini eclogae debentur, hoc loco reliquam de Homeri patria narrationem in fonte suo extantem suo Marte omisit: eadem licentia qua sequentem parentum indicem admodum decurtavit, hic in tribus tantum urbibus memorandis, quae Homeri sibi vindicant ortum, substitit 18 J< B"JXD" "J@, quod Westermannus cum Goettlingio, Barnesio praeeunte, addidit, non recipiam, ne excerptoris vestigia quae per totum tractatum passim deprehenduntur, prorsus oblitterentur 18 9"\@<"] F $4@<": accentus non dispicitur. S , marg. T. E $\T<". 9"\@<" Sturzius in Hellan. fragm. p. 171 19 +("\T<] F g"\T<: una littera evanuit, non :, cui locus non sufficit. S g:"\T<, E +:"\T<. +("\T< corr. Meinekius Anal. Alex. p. 61 | 9"4"(`D"<] F bombyc. hic lacer, apparent sola haec : linea supra scripta non indicatur compendium, sed nomen proprium. Prima littera certissime :, tertia aut 4 aut J aut 6. ):"F"(`D"< nomen in laceris rarisque codicis litteris latere Barnesius sibi persuasit omnesque eum secuti sunt editores. Sed manuscriptum adversatur, neque minus Eudociae testimonium p. 320. Salaminium enim Callicles (qui ante Antipatrum poetam floruit) Homerum credidit, non Aegyptium, sec. Hom. vit. ex Iriartii catalog. depromptam ap. Westerm. p. 31. Cf. Welckerus ep. Cycl. p. 183. Restitui 9"4"(`D"< (i. e. qui a Maeone rege nomen accepit.) 20 ID@4.Z<4@l] F in versus initio ID@4.Z<4@l: sed ante hoc vocabulum parvum relinquitur spatium, ubi * excidisse videtur.


*¥ 9g<X:"P@< BD@(D"::"JX", gÆF *z @à I08X:"P@< JÎ< z?*L- FFXTl. :0JXD" *z @à :¥< 9J4<, @Ê *¥ 5D020\*", @Ê *¥ 1g:\FJ0<, @Ê *z +Û(<02f, §<4@4 *z z32"60F\"< J4< ßBÎ M@4<\6T< •Bg:B@- 802gÃF"<, @Ê *¥ 5"884`B0< J¬< 9@ØF"<, J4<¥l *¥ A@8L6VFB0< J¬< ;XFJ@D@l.  ¦6"8gÃJ@  *¥  9X80l,  ñl  *X  J4<Xl n"F4 9g80F4-


(X<0l, ñl *z §<4@4 }!8J0l. Ï<@:"F2<"4 *z "ÛJ`< n"F\ J4<gl {_:0D@< *4 JÎ JÎ< B"JXD "ÛJ@Ø Ó:0D@< *@2<"4 ÛBÎ 5LBD\T<

AXDF"4l,  @Ê  *¥  *4  J¬< BZDTF4< Jä< Ï::VJT<q B"D (D J@Ãl

!Æ@8gØF4<  @àJTl  @Ê B0D@Â  6"8@Ø<J"4.  ÓBgD  *z •606`":g< ¦BÂ

J@Ø  2g4@JVJ@L  "ÛJ@6DVJ@D@l z!*D4"<@Ø gÆD0:X<@< ÛBÎ Jl AL-


2\"l BgD {?:ZD@L, ¦620F:g2". J@Ø (D $"F48XTl BL2@:X<@L, B`2g< {_:0D@l 6" J\<@l, •Bgn@\$"Fg *4z ©>":XJD@L J`<*g JÎ< JD`B@<q


–(<TFJ`<  :z §Dg"4 (g<g¬< 6"Â B"JD\*" ("Ã"<
•:$D@F\@L Fg4D
<@l. ª*@l *z z32"6ZF4`l ¦FJ4<,


I08X:"P@l *¥ B"J¬D 6"Â ;gFJ@DX0 z+B46VFJ0
, » :4< §J46Jg $D@Jä< B@8× BV<F@n@< –<*D".

21  9g<X:"P@<]  Sic FE. In S :g<X:"P@< sive :g<\:"P@< | BD@(D"::"JX"] S D@(D"::"JX", in marg. BD@(D"::"JX" | 22 5D020\*"] Sic FE. In S , litt. K rubr. praeposita. In marg. Steph. adnotat: "infra 5D020\*", illa scriptura — — confirmatur ab aliis" | 1g:\FJ0<] F 1g:\J0< SE 1g:\FJ0<. 1g:4FJf Barnesius e Pausan. 10, 24, 3 23 @ *z] FSE @ * 25 ;XFJ@D@l] F <gFJ`D@l | 9g80F4(X<0l] FSE :g80F4(g<Zl 26 }!8J0l] F "80J<: post hoc vocabulum non interpungitur, sed post n"F\< et post {_:0D@<. Sic etiam in SE. }!8J0l ex schol. Iliad. XXII, 51 Welckerus ep. Cycl. p. 149 | Sequentia recte interpunxit Boissonadius, *z post <@:"F2<"4 addidit Westermannus | Verbis @ B0D@ 6"8@<J"4 in S explicit fol. 190, 6"8@<J"4 incipit fol. 191. 30 z!*D4"<@] F •*4"<@, S •*4"<@L, in marg. •*D4"<@, rubr. z!*D4"<@ 35 FJ4<] S ^, supra scr. rubr. FJ4< 36 ;gFJ@DX0] SE ;gFJ@D\0 | z+B46VFJ0] FSE z+B46VFJ0: A@8L6VFJ0 supra lin. 24 et ap. Hesiod, (Eustath. ad Odyss. p. 1796). cf. Suidas  v.  {_:0D@l.  Genuina forma ;+EI?C+/A?7K5!EI/ fortasse in ;+EI?C+/+A35!EI/ corrupta. Quamquam variae eiusdem nominis formae non sunt inusitatae. Stemma quod sequitur variis est vitiis infectum, quibus Suidae Tzetzaeque testimoniis recte adhibitis liberari potest. De ratione emendandi alibi agendum est. Ioannes Tzetzes ex eodem fonte, e quo auctor tractatus Florentini excerpsit, alia desumpsit: vita Hesiodi vulgo et falso Proculi nomine circumlata ap. Westerm. p. 46: FL<06:"6X<"4 *z "ÛJÎ< @Ê :¥< {?:ZDå  n"F\<,  @Ê  *¥  6"Â  {?:ZD@L  BD@(g<XFJgD@<  gÉ<"4  *44FPLD\.@<J"4. 6"Â  @Ê  :¥<  BD@(g<XFJgD@<  gÉ<"4  J@ØJ@<  {?:ZD@L  *44FPLD4.`:g<@4 ¦< •DP"Ãl


@Íl   :V84FJ"   *gà  B4FJgbg4<   *4V  Jg  JÎ<  BL2`:g<@<  6" JÎ<


•B@6D4<V:g<@<, –88Tl Jg @àJTl J@Ø B@40J@Ø :g("8@nLäl JÎ< BD@BVJ@D" *4 Jä< ¦Bä< *g*@>"6`J@l.


§<4@4  :¥<  @É<  "ÛJÎ< BD@(g<XFJgD@< {/F4`*@L n"FÂ< gÉ<"4, J4<¥l  *¥ <gfJgD@< 6"Â FL((g<. (g<g"8@(@ØF4 *z @àJTl. z!B`- 8T<`l  n"F4  6"Â !Æ2@bF0l Jl A@Fg4*ä<@l (g<XF2"4 7\<@<, 7\<@L *¥  A\gD@<,  A4XD@L  *¥  6"Â <b:n0l 9g2f<0l ?Ç"(D@<, ?ÆV(D@L *¥  6"Â  5"884`B0l  z?DnX", z?DnXTl *¥ )D<, [J@Ø *¥ +Û68X"],


J@Ø  *¥  z3"*:@<\*0<,  J@Ø *¥ M48@JXDB0<,  J@Ø *z  +Ün0:@<, J@Ø


*z z+B4nDV*0<,  J@Ø *¥ 9g8V<TB@<, J@bJ@L *¥ )Ã@< 6"Â z!BX880<,


)\@L *¥ 6"Â AL64:Z*0l Jl z!B`88T<@l 2L("JDÎl {/F\@*@< 6"Â AXDF0<q z!BX88@L *¥ 9"\@<", 9"\@<@l *¥ 6"Â 2L("JDÎl 9X80J@l J@Ø B@J":@Ø {_:0D@<.


J4<¥l *¥ FL<"6:VF"4 n"FÂ< "ÛJ@×l òFJg 6" •(T<\F"F2"4 *:`Fg ¦< O"86\*4 Jl +Û$@\"l. B@4ZF"<J" (D JÎ< 9"D(\J0< {_:0D@<  BgD4XDPgF2"4  6"J  B`84< Õ"Rå*@Ø<J", ¦82`<J" *¥ 6"Â


gÉ<"4 n"F4 Jl z!DP\BB@L •DPl, {_:0D@< *z ¦< Jè JX8g4. Ò *z zUDP4BB@l @ßJ@l LÊÎl µ< z!6VFJ@L, –D>"l z!20<"\T< §J0 8gr 6J8. Suidas s. v. {_:0D@l e Charace Pergameno idem stemma sumpsit, quod codice Florentino exhibetur: §FJ4 *z º J@Ø (X<@Ll JV>4l 6"J JÎ< ÊFJ@D46Î< OVD"6" "àJ0q !Æ2@bF0l 1D’FF0l 7\<@l, J@Ø *¥ A\gD@l, J@Ø *¥ ?Ç"(D@l, J@Ø *¥ z?Dngbl, J@Ø *¥ +Û68X0l, J@Ø *¥ z3*:@<\*0l (E Æ":@<\*0l), J@Ø *¥ M48@JXDB0l, J@Ø *¥ +Ün0:@l, J@Ø *¥ z+B4nDV*0l, J@Ø *¥ 9g8V<TB@l, J@Ø *¥ z!Bg88l, J@Ø *¥ 9"\T<, *l º82g< ž:" J"Ãl z!:".`F4< ¦< E:bD<® 6" (Z:"l +Ü:0J4< J¬< +ÛXB@Ll J@Ø 9g80F4(X<@Ll  (sic  Bernhardyus  pro 9<0F4(X<@Ll) ¦B@\0Fg< {_:0D@<. 42 (g<g"8@(@F4 *z] FSE (g<g"8@(@F4 Jg, corr. Westermannus 43 !2@bF0l] sic ego: F 6" 2@fF0l i. e. 6"4"42@bF0l. Boissonadius M@fF0l 43 7\<@<] F 7<@< 45 )D<] sic ego cum Goettlingio, qui etiam J@ * +68X" infert. FSE z_DJ<, quod corruptum videtur e )C/;. Barnesius z_2DL< coniecit, Welckerus z_JDL< Ep. Cycl. p. 149 46 z3"*:@<\*0<] sic ego pro {!D:@<\*0< quod exhibet. z3"*:@<\*0l = z3*:@<\*0l:  cf.  Herodot  II  134,  Plutarch.  mor.  p.  557 47 z!BX880<] F z!BX88"4@<: fort. z!Bg88X" scribendum. 49 z!BX88@L] sic ego pro AXDF@L F, cuius nomen huc librarii culpa invasit. Fort. z!Bg88X@Ll restituendum | 6" 2L("JDl] sic ego pro 2L("JDl 6" F. Excerptor non sat distincte loquitur: non filiam, sed •B`(@<@< 9X80J@l indicant Suidae verba supra adlata 52 < O"86\*4 Jl +$@\"l] Ego restitui: FSE < !8\*4 Jl #@4TJ\"l. +$@4" et #@4TJ\" nomina saepius confunduntur, veluti in schol. ad Hesiod. theog. v. 54: ÓJ4 ¦(g<<Z20F"< :¥< ¦< A4gD\‘, º *¥ :ZJ0D "ÛJä< ¦> +Ü$@4"l µ<: ubi ¦6 #@4TJ\"l µ< corrigendum est 53 6"J B`84<] Secutus sum codicem Florentinum: S B`84<, in marg. B`8g4l, 4< syllaba in contextu deleta et gl superscr.


¦l  )g8@×l  BgDÂ  Jl B"JD\*@l "ßJ@Ø BL<2V<gF2"4 J\l gÇ0, J¬< *¥ AL2\"< gÆBgÃ<q


§FJ4< z[@l <F@l :0JDÎl B"JD\l, » Fg 2"<`<J"
*X>gJ"4. •88 <XT< B"\*T< "Ç<4(:" nL8V>"4.


JÎ< *z •6@bF"<J" BgD4\FJ"F2"4 :¥< J¬< gÆl z[@< –n4>4<, *4"JD\- $g4< *¥ BgD J¬< ¦6gà PfD"<. 6"J *¥ JÎ< "ÛJÎ< PD`<@< '"- <b6JTD  ¦B4JVn4@<  J@Ø B"JÕÎl z!:n4*V:"<J@l $"F48XTl +Û$@\"l


¦B4Jg8ä< BV<J"l J@×l ¦B4FZ:@Ll –<*D"l @Û :`<@< Õf:® 6" JVPg4,  •88  6"  F@n\‘  ¦B JÎ< •(ä<" :g(V8"4l *TDg"Ãl J4:ä<


FL<g6V8gFg<.  6"Â  @âJ@4  @Þ<  ¦6  JbP0l,  òl n"F4, FL:$"8`<Jgl


•88Z8@4l µ82@< gÆl J¬< O"86\*", J@Ø *z •(ä<@l –88@4 JX J4<gl Jä<  ¦B4FZ:T<  O"864*XT<  ¦6"2X.@<J@  6D4J"Â  6"Â  :gJz "ÛJä<


A"<g\*0l •*g8nÎl ë< J@Ø JgJg8gLJ06`J@l. •:n@JXDT< *¥ Jä< B@40Jä<  2"L:"FJäl •(T<4F":X<T< <46F"\ n"F4 JÎ< {/F\@*@< JÎ< JD`B@< J@ØJ@<q BD@g82`<J" (D gÆl JÎ :XF@< BL<2V<gF2"4 J@Ø {?:ZD@L 6"2z «< ª6"FJ@<, JÎ< *z {_:0D@< •B@6D\<"F2"4. n0FÂ< @Þ< {/F4`*@l


54 l] F gl | "J@] S "J@, sed corr. in "J@ | Sequentes oraculi versus etiam Aristoteles ap. Plutarchum Westerm. p. 22 affert: (g<`:g<@l ¦< º846\‘ 6"Â *`>"< ¦BÂ B@40J46± 6g6J0:X<@l ³*0 ¦B0DfJ" JÎ< 2gÎ<, J\<T< Jz gÇ0 (@<XT< 6"Â B`2g<. Ò *z •<gÃ8g< @àJTlq

§FJ4< z[@l <F@l :0JDÎl B"JD\l, » Fg 2"<`<J"
*X>gJ"4. •88 <XT< •<*Dä< "Ç<4(:" nL8V>"4.

Eosdem cum duobus praecedentibus in Homeri statua Delphis posita inscriptos legi Pausanias narrat X, 24, 2. | '"<b6JTD] S ("<<b6JTD. De nominis originatione v. Goettlingius praef. p. XV. Verbo FL:$"8`<Jgl in S fol. 191 explicit, -8`<Jgl incipit fol. 192 | In Amphidamantis et ?@8b6@L honorem illud certamen celebrabatur, cf. Plutarch. Sympos. V 2: ¦<\@4l :¥< @Þ< ¦B\*@>@l ³:0< ªT8" B"D"2ZFg4< BDV(:"J", Jl ?Æ@8b6@L J@Ø 1gJJ"8@Ø J"nl 6" Jl z!:n4*V:"<J@l J@Ø O"864*XTl, ¦< "Él {_:0D@< 6" {/F\@*@< ÊFJ@D@ØF4< §BgF4 *4"(T<\F"F2"4 64 gl J< O"86\*"] sic F. Vulgo gl O"86\*", et sic Stephanus | Post O"86\*" Barnesius addit {_:0D`l Jg 6" {/F\@*@l 66 A"<g\*0l] F aut B"<@\*0l aut J"<@\*0l. S ("<@\*0l, in marg. B"<@\*0l, rubr. A"<@\*0l. A"<g\*0l corr. G. Hermannus Op. VI p. 151. Goettlingius e Tzetza A"<\*0l: cf. Philostrat. Her. p. 727


Lʥ 9X80J@l {_:0Dg, 2g< –B@ :Z*g" g*fl


gBz –(g :@4 BV:BDTJ", J\ nXDJ"J`< FJ4 $D@J@F4<;




•DP< :< : n<"4 B4P2@<\@4F4< –D4FJ@<,


nb<J" *z BTl 64FJ" Bb8"l z!\*"@ BgDF"4.


{/F\@*@l J *gbJgD@<


gBz –(g :@4 6" J@J@, 2g@l B4g\6g8z {_:0Dg,


J\ 2<0J@F4< –D4FJ@< \g"4 < nDgF< g<"4;




BB`J"< gnD@Fb<0 :< P 6VJ" *:@< –B"<J",


*"4JL:`<gl *z •< *f:"Jz •6@LV.T<J"4 •@4*@


:g<@4 >g\0l, B"D * B8Z2TF4 JDVBg."4


F\J@L 6" 6Dg4<, :X2L *z 6 6D0JD@l •nbFFT<


@<@P`@l n@DXF4 6" (Pg\ *gBVgFF4.


J@J@ J\ :@4 6V884FJ@< < nDgF< g*gJ"4 g<"4.


Õ02X<JT< *¥ Jä< ¦Bä<, @àJT Fn@*Däl n"F4 2"L:"F2<"4 ßBÎ Jä< {+88Z<T< J §B0, òFJg PDLF@Øl "ÛJ@×l FJ\P@Ll BD@F"(@- DgL2<"4 6" J4 6" <Ø< ¦< J"Ãl 6@4<"Ãl 2LF\"4l BDÎ Jä< *g\- B<T< 6" FB@<*ä< BD@6"JgbPgF2"4 BV<J"l. Ò *z {/F\@*@l •P- 2gF2gÂl ¦B J± {?:ZD@L gÛ0:gD\‘ ¦B J¬< Jä< •B`DT< òD:0Fg<


BgDfJ0F4< 6" n0F4 J@bF*g J@l FJ\P@Llq


9@lz ž (X :@4 JV Jz `<J" JV Jz FF`:g<" BD` Jz `<J",


J< :< :0*< –g4*g, F× *z –880l :<F"4 •@4*l.


73 Stobaeus floril. tit. 120: z+6 J@ z!864*V:"<J@l 9@LFg\@L (sic Gaisfordius: P"864*V:"<J@l :@LF\@L libri): z!DP¬< :¥< :¬ nØ<"4 ¦B4P2@<\@4F4< –D4FJ@<, nb<J" *z ÓBTl ê64FJ" Bb8"l z!\*"@ BgDF"4. De versibus antiquissimis, quos Silenum Midae regi dixisse Aristoteles in Eudemo memorat, cf. Bergkius Analect. Alexandr. I p. 22, Poet. lyr. ed. III p. 512 et Leutschius Philologi t. XXX p. 202 75 BTl] FS :Tl 80 versus in Odyss. 1. IX extant, ubi v. 5 et 6 ita leguntur:

F (D (T(X J\ n0:4 JX8@l P"D4XFJgD@< g<"4,
Jz LnD@Fb<0 :< P 6VJ" *:@< žB"<J".

80 6VJ"] sic ego: FSE 6"J 87 FJ\P@Ll] In F omissum: in S "J@l ^, in marg. ^ FJ\P@Ll. (Eadem vox in Tzetzae vita Hesiodi West. p. 47 restituenda est,  ubi  vulgo  legitur  {_:0D@l  (D    PDLF@l  l (:"4, :88@< *z •6D4$gFJVJTl B\FJ":"4, B@8b Jg B"8"4`JgD@l {/F4`*@L ßBDPg 6" gÆ BDÎl J@×l 2DL88@L:X<@Ll ¦6g\<@Ll 2g@×l §D4< ¦FJZF"J@ 8`(T<, 6" 6"J J@bJT< —< J BDTJgÃ" 6" J@×l FJgnV<@Ll ²<X(6"J@ 6J8. Mihi contra haec esse videtur genuina Tzetzae manus: 6" g BDl J@l 2DL88@L:X<@Ll 6g\<@L FJ\P@Ll 6J8.) 88 2LF\"4l] apud Goettlingium excidit 90 •B`DT<] S •BZDT<, in marg. •B` 91 BgDfJ0F4<] F Bz DfJ0F4< 92 in F versus desinit in BD@: reliquis litteris Jz `<J" vix sat spatii extat | 9@lz ž (X :@4] FSE 9@lz –(g :@4. Goettlingius 9@F" 8X(g4: cf. praef. Goettl. p. XXIV. Quod scripsi, sic intellegi volo ut suppleatur ž (X :@4 9@F" •g\*g4, JV Jz `<J" JV Jz FF`:g<" BD` Jz g`<J", J< :< :0*< –g4*g 6J8. Poeta Hes. theog. vers. 31 s. significat: BXB<gLF"< *X :@4 "*< 2g\0< l 68g\@4:4 JV Jz FF`:g<" BD` Jz `<J". Cf. II. I, 70


*z {_:0D@l $@L8`:g<@l •6@8@b2Tl J –B@D@< 8F"4 n0F\<q


@*X B@Jz •:n )4l Jb:$ 6"<"PZB@*gl BB@4


žD:"J" FL<JD\R@LF4< D\.@<Jgl BgD <\60l.


6"8l * 6" < J@bJ@4l •B"<JZF"<J@l B Jl •:n4$`8@Ll (<f:"l D:0Fg< {/F\@*@l 6" B8g\@<"l FJ\P@Ll 8X(T< >\@L 6"2z <" 6"FJ@< FL:nf<Tl •B@6D\<"F2"4 J< {_:0D@<. FJ4< @<   :< BDJ@l {/F4`*@L, *z >l {?:ZD@L, <\@Jg * 6"


*4 *b@ FJ\PT< J< BgDfJ0F4< B@4@L:X<@L J@ {/F4`*@Lq




*gB<@< Bg42z g8@<J@ $@< 6DX" 6"PX<"l BBT<




68L@< *Df@<J"l, Bg B@8X:@4@ 6`DgF2g<.


95 Jb:$ 6"<"PZB@*gl BB@4] In F post Jb:$ lacuna: sed sequentis vocis restat indicium levidense, hamuli vel spiritus lenis specie. In S Jb:$ ^, in marg. ^. deest R"bPg<gl BB@4 aut simile epitheton. In E lacuna. Barnesius 6"<"PZB@*gl BB@4 ex Pseudo-Plutarcho explevit, cuius verba (in Conv. Sept. Sap. c. 10) iam exhibeo: z!6@b@:g<(D ÓJ4 6" BDÎl Jl z!:n4*V:"<J@l J"nl gÆl O"86\*" Jä< J`Jg F@nä< @Ê *@64:fJ"J@4 B@40J" FL<82@<. µ< *¥ Ò z!:n4*V:"l •<¬D B@84J46Îl (fortasse B@8g:46Îl) 6" B@88 BDV(:"J" B"D"FPã< z+DgJD4gØF4< ¦< J"Ãl BgD 708V<J@L :VP"4l §BgFg<. ¦Bg *¥ J B"DgF6gL"F:X<" J@Ãl B@40J"Ãl §B0 P"8gB¬< 6" *bF6@8@< ¦B@\g4 J¬< 6D\F4< *4 JÎ ¦nV:488@<, » Jg *`>" Jä< •(T<4FJä< {?:ZD@L 6" {/F\@*@L B@88¬< •B@D\"< :gJ "Æ*@Øl J@Ãl 6D\<@LF4 B"DgÃPg<, ¦JDVB@<J@ BDÎl J@4"bJ"l ¦DTJZFg4l 6" BD@Ü$"8@<q (l n0F4 7XFP0l: cum Bergkio Anal. Alex. I p. 22 aliquem haec verba adiecisse censeo, ut indicaret auctorem haec ex parva Iliade petiisse)

9@FV :@4 <<gBz 6g<" J :ZJz (X<@<J@ BVD@42g<

9ZJz FJ"4 :gJ`B4F2g<.

•Bg6D\<"J@ * {/F\@*@l 6 J@ B"D"JLP`<J@lq

•88z J"< •:n )4l Jb:$ 6"<"PZB@*gl BB@4

žD:"J" FL<JD\RTF4< Bg4(`:g<@4 BgD <\60l.

6" *4 J@J@ 8X(gJ"4 :V84FJ" 2"L:"F2gl J@ JD\B@*@l JLPg<. Cf. Goettling. praef. XXIII, Welcker. ep. Cycl. p. 269, G. Hermann. opusc. vol. VI p. 145, Marckscheff. p. 35 | In S p. 192 desinit in •B@6D\<"F2"4 J<, p. 193 incipit J< {_:0D@< 103 B@8X:@@4] F BJ@8:@L, S BJ@8:@L, E B@8X:@@4 | 6`DgF2g<] sic G. Hermannus opusc. VI p. 282, quem secutus est Westermannus. FSE 6`DgF20< | A sequente versu usque ad 1. 238 in F et S bini versus iuxta componuntur: tituli {_:0D@l {/F\@*@ prorsus omittuntur. Stephanus in marg. ad v. 104 adnotat: "sic manuscriptum duabus columnis."




6" MDb(gl, @ BV<JT< •<*D< B <0LF< –D4FJ@4




•<*DVF4 804FJDF4< Bz •6Jl *`DB@< 8XF2"4.




PgDF $"8< @F4< 8T< 6"J n8" (4(V<JT<




{/D"68X0l •BX8LFg< •Bz :T< 6":Bb8" J`>".




@J@l •<D •<*D`l Jz •("2@ 6" •<V864*`l FJ4




:0JDl, Bg B`8g:@l P"8gBl BVFF4 (L<"4>\.




Jz –D" F@\ (g B"JD :4(g< 6" B`J<4" :ZJ0D




F:" J`Jg FBg\D"<Jg *4 PDLFX0< z!nD@*\J0<.




"JD •Bg *:Z20 (V: zUDJg:4l @PX"4D"




5"884FJ 6"JXBgn<g< •Bz •D(LDX@4@ $4@@.




l @ :< *"\<L<J@ B"<Z:gD@4 @*< P@<Jgl




@6@2g<, •88 B"DgPg< –<"> •<*D< z!(":X:<T<.


V. 106 et 107 transposui: contrario ordine F tradit 106 8T<] FS 88T< | fortasse scribendum est $"8< @Ll :< | n8"] F nb8" 107 {/D"68X0l] FSE {/D"68l | Post v. 107 versum excidisse Goettlingius (ed. 1) et Westermannus opinantur, ille quidem Homeri post v. 105, quem ipsum Hesiodo tribuit, hic Hesiodi: oblocutus est G. Hermannus opusc. VI p. 283. V. 105 mihi corruptus videtur. Fortasse scribendum est •<*DVF4 804FJDF4< Bz •6J< *@8@4 BgF2"4 110 Jz –D"] FS @Jz –D, Goettlingius @Jz –D", G. Hermannus opusc. vol. VI p. 284 Jz –D", Goettling. ed. 2 gJz –D", Westermannus @ (D | :4(g<] FSE :\(0, correxit Goettlingius 111 F:" J`Jg FBg\D"<Jg] FSE F:" J`(z FBg\D"<J@. J`*g FBg\D"<J@ Goettlingius, J`(g FBg\D"<Jg Boissonadius, J`Jg FBg\D"<Jg G. Hermannus | PDLFX0<] SE PDLF< 113 •D(LDX@4@] FSE •D(LD\@4@ | $4@@] in F deest 4@, $4@@ verbi ultima syllaba 114 l] S l




*gB<@< *g4B<ZF"<Jgl < FB@* "2"8@XFF


Fb88g(@< FJX" 8gL6 )4l 6"J"Jg2<g4J@l




B"4*l BgD2b:@L E"DB0*`<@l •<J42X@4@.




:gl *z •:Bg*\@< E4:@X<J4@< :g<@4 "JTl


@:g< 6 <0< *< •:nz :@4F4< P@<Jgl




nVF("<" 6TBZg<J" 6" "("<X"l *@84P"b8@Ll.




* J`Jz •D4FJgl 6@D@4 Pg\DgFF4 2"8VFF0l




–F:g<@4 FFL:X<Tl Jg •Bg\DLF"< 6b"8@< <"<.




ng(@<, Bg (\(<TF6@< •<XFJ4@< *z •2X:4FJ@<,




5@8P\*z Bg\ 2z 6@<J@ 6" !ZJ0< $"F48".




"JD Bg FBgFV< Jg 6" 6B4@< @*:" 2"8VFF0l




B@<J@B@Dg< :g88@< LFFX8:T< B <0<.


116 In F incipit fol. 17 a | Post v. 117 versum excidisse Barnesius et Westermannus opinantur. Nihil deesse recte perspexit Goettlingius, qui felicissima coniectura )4l pro $@l (in E extante) proposuit: id quod nunc codex Florentinus confirmat. Etiam in Stephani apographo legitur )4l, non $@l 117 6"J"Jg2<g4J@l] Goettlingius 6"J"Jg2<0J@l 119 "JTl] FSE @JTl, "JTl Barnesius | E4:@X<J4@<] Barnesius E4:@b<J4@< | Post v. 119 versum excidisse sumunt Barnesius Goettlingius Westermannus: quorum prior supplevit <b6J" nL8"FF`:g2" IDfT< B`84< gF@D`T<Jgl | Omnes fere qui secuntur versus novum in modum inter Hesiodum et Homerum distribui. Versus 124 et 125 inverso ordine posui. Homerus semper singulis respondet versibus. Ultimos versus Goettlingius et Westermannus ita distinxerunt: {/l. 5@8P\*z Bg42z 6@<J@ 6J8. {_:. ng(@< 6J8. {/l. "JD Bg 6J8. {_:. B@<J@B@Dg<. {/l. J@F4< *z z!JDg\*0l. {_:. :0*XB@Jz < B`<J 6J8. {/l. F2\gJz >g<@4 @6"*g <@FJZFg4g 6J8. {_:. B0:"<2g\l 6J8. 122 •D4FJgl] S •D4FJZ, rubr. •D4FJgl 123 Jg •Bg\DLF"<] Barnesius Jg •B@g\DLF"< | 6b"8@<] F aut 6b"8@< aut 6b@8@< 124 (\(<TF6@<] SE (\<TF6@< 125 Bg\ 2z] sic ego: vulgo Bg42z | $"F48"] F $"F48g" 127 LFFX8:T<] F LFX8:T<




J@F4< *z z!JDg\*0l :g(V8z gPgJ@ BF4< 8XF2"4


:0*XB@Jz < B`<J, 6" nT<ZF"l B@l 0*"q


F2\gJz >g<@4 6" B\<gJg, :0*X J4l :XT<


@6"*g <@FJZFg4g n\80< l B"JD\*" (""<




B0:"<2g\l, •88z "J4l •BZ:@<gl @6"*z 6@4F2g.


BDl  BV<J" * J@ {?:ZD@L 6"8l •B"<JZF"<J@l BV84< n0F< {/F\@*@lq



J@J`  J4  *Z  :@4 :@<@< g4D@:X< 6"JV8g>@<,


B`FF@4 ž:z z!JDg\*F4< l z[84@< 82@< z!P"4@\;


* *4 8@(4FJ46@ BD@$8Z:"J@l •B@6D\<gJ"4 @JTlq



Bg<JZ6@<Jz F"< BLDl FPVD"4, < * 6VFJ


Bg<JZ6@<Jz  $g8@\,  BgD  * 6DX" Bg<JZ6@<J",


JDl * JD406`F4@4 BgD < 6DX"l F"< z!P"4@\.


J@J@  *  gD\F6gJ"4  B82@l –B4FJ@<. J< (D FP"D< @F<


Bg<JZ6@<J",  $g8\F6@4  (\<@<J"4  Bg<J"6`F4@4  6"  P484V*gl $r, 6Dg< * *g6"*b@ :LD4V*gl sg***. 6"J BV<J" * J@ {?:ZD@L


BgDJgD@<J@l n2@<< {/F\@*@l –DPgJ"4 BV84<q


Lʥ 9X80J@l {_:0Dz, gBgD J4:F\ Fg 9@F"4,


l 8`(@l, R\FJ@4@ )4l :g(V8@4@ 2b("JDgl,


128 J@F4<] S J@F4, in F J@F4 130 :XT<] FSE :< Hesiodo G. Hermannus v. 128 et 129, Homero v. 130, 131, 132 tribuit 132 "J4l] FSE "24l 133 BDl BV<J" *] sic FSE: Barnesius et Goettlingius BDl J"J" * BV<J" 135 g4D@:X<] Barnesius •<g4D@:X< 137 *] Goettlingius * {_:0D@l 142 Bg<JZ6@<J"] sic F: S | Bg<J"6`F4@4] sic FS 143 *g6"*b@] sic FS | :LD4V*gl sg***] F , S , in marg. , Barnesius et Goettlingius Bg<J"64FP\84@4 JgJD"6`F4@4 6" Bg<JZ6@<J". Aut excidit Achaeorum mentio aut scriptor non eo in computando processit, id quod G. Hermannus opinatur. Quid vero latet in gL< praeter sg, quo 6Dg< numerus suppletur? Fortasse g, quod ita cum sequentibus coniungendum sit: + * 6"J BV<J" J@ {?:ZD@L BgDJgD@<J@l 6J8. Achaeorum numerum adididit Boissonadius z!P"4< * <*g6"64FP\84"4 6" *4"6`F4"4 6" <r :LD4V*gl, G. Hermannus •<*D< * *4B8 :LD4l :\" 6" B8" P\84"4 *4"6`F4"4 Bg<JZ6@<J" 146 R\FJ@4@] F R\FJ@4, S R\FJ@4, rubr. R\FJ@4@


8X>@< :XJD@< <"D:`.T<, J4 * 2<0J@F4


6V884FJ`< Jg 6" P24FJ@<q B@2XT (D •6@F"4.


*X n0F4q


{/F\@*z, 6(@<g )\@L, 6`<J" :g J"J" 6g8gbg4l


gBg<q "JD ( :V8" J@4 BD`nDT< •(@DgbFT.


6V884FJ`< :< J< •("2< FJ"4 :XJD@< g<"4


"J< "LJ, J< * 6"6< P24FJ@< BV<JT<


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


–88@ * B<, J4 F 2L: n\8@;< FJ4<, DfJ".




Bl —< –D4FJz @6@<J@ B`8g4l 6" < 2gF4 B@\@4l;




g : 6gD*"\<g4< •B J< "FPD< 2X8@4g<,


@ *z •("2@ J4:<J@, *\60 *z •*\6@4F4< Bg\0.




gPgF2"4 * 2g@F4 J\ BV<JT< FJ4< –:g4<@<;




g<@L< g<"4 "LJ •g PD`<@< l J< žB"<J".


147 :XJD@<] Barnesius :XJD, :XJD@< Boisson., et sic FSE | &60;"D:`.T&60;] &60;"D:`.T&60; FSE 148 6V884FJ`< Jg 6"] SE 6V884FJ`< 6" | B@2XT] S 2XT, in marg. FTl B@2XT, rubr. B@2XT | In S p. 193 desinit in {/F\@*z 6(@<<g, p. 194 incipit {/F\@*z 6(@<<g 151 gBg<] Barnesius gBX:g#60; 154 versus deest in F, sed nullum exstat lacunae signum. Qui vulgo hic legitur, g<@L< g<"4 "LJ •g PD`<@< l J< žB"<J", per se minime aptus, Stephani manu hunc locum obtinuit. In S versus ut in F omittitur, sed in marg. asteriscus extat et iuxta Stephani nota: "hic ponendus versus g<@L<." Etiam in E versus hic interpositus legitur. In F igitur hoc ordine versus sequuntur: "J< "LJ –88@ * B< Bl —< –D4FJz g : @ *z •("2@ gPgF2"4 g<@L< g<"4 < *z 8"P\FJ . Quem ordinem restitui et lacunae indicium interieci. V. 160 in F g<@L< g<"4 "LJ PD`<@< l J< žB"<J". In S g<@L< g<"4 "LJ ^ PD`<@< l J< žB"<J". In marg. rubr. ^ *g, in contextu rubr. •g\. In marg.: "g<@L< versus ille refertur ad asteriscum" 155 F 2L:] J 2L: Boissonadius 158 J4:<J@] FSE J4:@<J@ 159 2g@F4 J\ BV<JT< FJ4< –:g4<@< ;] restituit Ervinus Rohdius: in FSE 2g@F J\ BV<JT< FJ< –:g4<@<. Ante hunc versum G. Hermannus alium excidisse censet et sic scribi iubet: gPgF2"4 * 2g@F4q J BV<JT< FJ< –:g4<@<. Goettlingius gPgF2"4 * 2g@F J\ BV<JT< FJ< –:g4<@<.




< *z 8"P\FJ –D4FJ@< Pg4l J4 nbgJ"4 gBg<;




l :< : (<f:, nDX<gl F28" Ff:"F4< •<*D<.




* *46"4@Fb<0 Jg 6" •<*Dg\0 *b<"J"4 J\;




6@4<l ng8\"l *\@4l :`P2@4F4 B@D\.g4<.




F@n\0l * J\ JX6:"D Bz •<2DfB@4F4 BXnL6g<;




(4(<fF6g4< J B"D`<Jz D2l, 6"4D *z ž:z BgF2"4.




B4FJgF"4 * $D@J@l B@@< PDX@l –>4`< FJ4<;




@l "Jl 6\<*L<@l B BD"P2gF4< B0J"4.




*z g*"4:@<\0 J\ B@Jz •<2DfB@4F4 6"8gJ"4;




8LB02X<Jz 8VP4FJ" 2"<g<, F2X<J" Jg B8gFJ".


02X<JT< * 6" J@bJT< @ :< {W880<gl BV<Jgl J< {_:0D@< 6X8gL@< FJgn"<@<, * $"F48gl A"<g\*0l 6X8gLFg< 6"FJ@< J 6V884FJ@< 6 J< *\T< B@40:VJT< gBg<. {/F\@*@l @< n0 BDJ@lq


161 Pg4l Westermannus et Goettlingius: FSE Pg4< Fz 162 : (<f:] Westermannus mavult : (<f:0 163 •<*Dg\0] •<*D\" F, •<*Dg\" SE | *b<"J"4 J\;] F *b<"J"\ J4 164 ng8\"l] F ng8g\"l, S ng8g\"l, in marg. ng8\"l et sic in E 166 (4(<fF6g4<] FSE (4<fF6g4< 167 $D@J@l] $D@J@F4 FSE, correxit Barnesius | $D@J@l B@@<] conieci $D@J< B@\@4l 168 B] F J4, S J4, in marg. B4 | @l "Jl] conieci @l @J4l. Goettlingius haec adnotat: "haec si sana sunt, non possunt aliter intelligi, si quid video, nisi ita: Quale negotium omnium dignissimum est, quod mortalibus credatur? Illud quod gestum procreat periculum." 170 Jg] om. F 172 A"<g\*0l] F A"<@\*0l, A"<g\*0l corr. G. Hermannus 174 Sequentes versus non sine varietate in Opp. et diebus (v. 383 ss.) extant. V. 392 sic legitur (L:<< *z •:Vg4<, g Pz D4" BV<Jz 2X8F2" D(" 6@:\.gF2"4 )0:ZJgD@l.

Totam hanc de certaminis extrema parte narrationem ex eodem fonte, e quo tractatus Florentini codicis haustus est, fortasse e Characis Pergameni FJ@D\"4l, Ioannes Tzetzes ad vitam Hesiodi adornandam sumpsit, sed ita sumpsit, ut modo hic, modo illic narratio sit uberior: quare Tzetzes hoc loco adhibendus est (Westerm. p. 47):  @  * FL(PD`<@Ll "J@l g<"4 8X(@<Jgl B J  Jg8gLJ  J@  z!:n4*V:"<J@l  J@  $"F48XTl  +$@\"l  n"F< "J@l •(T<\F"F2"4 6" <g<4606X<"4 {/F\@*@< •(T<@2gJ@<J@l 6" 6D\<@<J@l A"<g\*@L J@ $"F48XTl, J@ •*g8n@ z!:n4*V:"<J@l '"<b6J@D`l Jg 6" J< 8@4B<. >0DTJ06X<"4 (D "J@l B@88 BDl 88Z8@Ll n"F *4z B< "J@FPg*\T< 6" •B@6D\<"F2"4 6" BF4 J< {_:0D@< J BDTJg" 8":$V<g4<. JX8@l J@ $"F48XTl A"<g\*@L gB`<J@l "J@l, J 6V884FJ" J< "LJ< B< •<"8g>":X<@Ll gBg<, {_:0D@l :< –DPgJ"4 8X(g4< J@J@ J PTD\@< •B B@88< B< •D>V:g<@l B4F2g<q

•FBl –Dz •FB\*z Dg4*g, 6`DLl 6`DL<, •<XD" *z •<ZDq
R"@< *z BB`6@:@4 6`DL2gl 8":BD@F4 nV8@4F4
<gL`<JT<, F BL6<@ nXFJ"F"< •88Z8@4F4

6" BgD"4JXDT J@bJT<. {/F\@*@l * J@

A804V*T< z!J8"(g<XT< B4Jg88@:g<VT<

•BVDPgJ"4 6" :@\Tl {?:ZD BD@$"\<g4 :gPD B@88@ J< B<. 6" BV84< B J@bJ@4l @ B"DgFJJgl BV<Jgl J< 88@(\:T< 6" FJD"J4TJ< J< {_:0D@< FJgnV<@L<, * A"<g\*0l 6D4<g <46< {/F\@*@;< l gDZ<0< 6" (gTD(\"< *4*VF6@<J" 6" @, 6"2VBgD {_:0D@l, B@8X:@Ll 6" FnV(4". •88 J"J" :X< gF4 80DZ:"J" J< <gTJXDT< 6" B8VFg4l J< BDl •88Z8@Ll DTJ0:VJT< 6" J< > {?:ZD@L B"Dg6$g$80:X<T< B< 6" Bz 6g\<@L *2g< 02X<JT<.


A804V*T< z!J8"(g<XT< B4Jg88@:g<VT<


–DPgF2z •:0J@, •D`J@4` Jg *LF@:g<VT<q


" *Z J@4 <b6J"l Jg 6" :"J" JgFF"DV6@<J"


6g6Dbn"J"4, "J4l * BgD4B8@:X<@L <4"LJ@


n"\<@<J"4, J BDJ" P"D"FF@:X<@4@ F4*ZD@L.


@J`l J@4 Bg*\T< BX8gJ"4 <`:@l, @ Jg 2"8VFF0l


((b24 <"4gJV@Llz, @ Jz –(6g" $0FFZg<J"


B`<J@L 6L:"\<@<J@l •B`BD@24 B\@<" PD@<


<"\@LF4<q (L:<< FBg\Dg4<, (L:<< * $@TJg<,


(L:<< Jz •:Vg4<, J"< D4" BV<J" BX8T<J"4.


175  z!J8"(g<XT<]  Goettlingius  z!J8"((g<XT<  176  –DPgF2z]  in F super –DPgF2"4 in marg. vestigia duorum vocabulorum commate distinctorum; Ervinus Rohdius 6g8gbT vel simile aliquid suppleri vult | •:0J@] sic F: sed S •:0J@@ | *LF@:g<VT<] sic F: SE *LFF@:g<VT< | V. 178 in F fol. 17b incipit 178 "J4l] "24l FSE 181 <"4gJV@Llz @ Jz (6g"] F <"4gJV@Llz, @ Jz ((g"; Barnesius <"4gJV@LF4 *4z Jz ((g"; (6g" Goettlingius 183 <"\@LF4<] F <"\@LF4 | (L:<< FBg\Dg4<]  F  (b:<< FBg\Dg4< 184 (L:<< Jz •:Vg4<] F (L:<@bl Jz i. e. :Vg4<, E •:Vg4<, Moschopulus et Barnesius •:F2"4, Goettlingius •:V"<


:g2z *< {_:0D@lq


•:n *z –Dz !"<J"l *@4@l FJ"<J@ nV8"((gl


6"DJgD"\, Ÿl @Jz –< 6g< zUD0l <`F"4J@ :gJg82<


@Jg 6z z!20<"\0 8"@FF`@l. @ (D –D4FJ@4


6D4<2X<Jgl IDVl Jg 6" {W6J@D" *@< :4:<@<


nDV>"<Jgl *`DL *@LD, FV6@l FV6g BD@2g8b:<.


•FBl –Dz •FB\*z Dg4*g, 6`DLl 6`DL<, •<XD" *z •<ZD,


R"@< *z BB`6@:@4 6`DL2gl 8":BD@F4 nV8@4F4


<gL`<JT<, l BL6<@ nXFJ"F"< •88Z8<@4F4<.


nD4>g< * :VP0 n24F\:$D@J@l (Pg\F4


:"6D"l, Ÿl gP@< J":gF\PD@"l, FFg *z –:gD*g<


"( P"86g\0 6@Db2T< –B@ 8":B@:g<VT<


2TDZ6T< Jg <g@F:Z6JT< F"6XT< Jg n"g4<T<


DP@:X<T< –:L*4l. :V8" 6g< 2D"FL6VD*4@l g0,


l J`Jg (02ZFg4g< *< B`<@<, @*z •6VP@4J@.


2"L:VF"<Jgl * 6" < J@bJ J< {_:0D@< @ {W880<gl B<@L< l  B"D  J  BD@F6@<  (g(@<`JT< J< B< 6" 6X8gL@< *4-


189 6D4<2X<Jgl] SE 6D42X<Jgl | In S p. 194 desinit in •FBl, p. 195 incipit •FBl 191 •FBl –Dz] F •FBl *z –D 200 B<@L<] F Bg\<@L<, S BZ<@L< 201 B"D J BD@F6@<] F J BD@F6@< et sic S: rarius compendium B"D | Ex Iliadis libro XIII primum secuntur octo versus (XIII 126-133); omnes qui eo loco interiecti leguntur usque ad v. 337, hic omissi sunt. Iam Homeri in sex versus desinit declamatio, sumptos ex Iliadis libro eodem (vv. 338-344) | Eandem de Hesiodi victoria narrationem praeter Plutarchum alii tetigerunt, quorum testimonia iam deinceps sequi iubeo. Dio Chrysostomus (orat. secunda p. 22 sq. Emper.): J"J" :X<J@4 B@4< {_:0D@l JJJ@ B {/F4`*@L, M\84BB@l gBg<. @6 •6Z6@"l J B\(D"::" J < {+846<4 J B J@ JD\B@*@lq {/F\@*@l 9@bF"4l {+846T<\F4 J`<*z •<X206g<, :< <46ZF"l < O"86\*4 2g@< {_:0D@<. 5" :V8" *46"\Tl, gBg< z!8X>"<*D@l, JJJ@. @ (D < $"48gF4< (T<\.gJ@, •88z < (gTD(@l 6" *4fJ"4l, :88@< * < •<2DfB@4l n480*`<@4l 6" :"8"6@l. Philostratus Heroic. p. 194 ed. Boisson.: @ * >Z6@<J" 6" 6"J< J0 (g(@<X<"4 :gJ J< ID@\"< B {_:0D`< JX n"F4 6"  {/F\@*@<.  Jg  *  œF"4  –:nT < O"86\*4, J< :< J B0 J BgD J@< !V<J@4< 6" l " nV8"((gl "J@l •D"DL"\ Jg 6" 6"DJDg" F"<, J< * J BDl J< •*g8n< J< "LJ@ AXDF0<, < @l "J< D(T< Jg 6X8gLg< žBJgF2"4 6" (gTD(\‘ BD@F6gF2"4, l : *X@4J@ JXDT< :0* Bg4<0. Themistius Orat. XXX p. 348 C. D. Harduin.: *g * *0 6" :l •6@8@L2@<J"l B4*g>"4 *4 B8g4`<T<, l –D" @ :VJ0< {/F\@*@l F@nl <@:\F20, •88z gl J@F@J@< g68g\"l *4 J@l gl (gTD(\"< 8`(@Ll BD@82g<, FJg 6" {?:ZD BgD F@n\"l 6" :@LF46l < J"n"l z!:n4*V:"<J@l gl •(<" 82< B"D J< 6D4J< J< FJXn"<@< 6" <\60< Pg4<. :< (D B@8X:@Ll 6" :VP"l 6" J< FL<"FB4F:< J@< !V<J@4< 6" –88" J@4"J" BD@F*g<, * (l Jg :<0Fg< D(" 6" :XD"l, < "l J D(" $g8J\T (\<gJ"4. 6" *4 J"J" BF4 J@l 6D4J"l 6D"Jg


*`<"4  J<  <\60<.    * $"F48gl J< {/F\@*@< FJgnV<TFg<


gB<  *\6"4@<  g<"4  J< B (gTD(\"< 6" gDZ<0< BD@6"8@b-


:g<@<  <46<,  @  J< B@8X:@Ll 6" Fn"(l *4g>4`<J". Jl :<


@< <\60l @JT n"F JLPg< J< {/F\@*@< 6" 8"$`<J" JD\B@*"


P"86@< •<"2g<"4 J"l 9@bF"4l B4(DVR"<J"q


{/F\@*@l 9@bF"4l {+846T<\F4 J`<*z •<X206g<


:< <46ZF"l < O"86\*4 2g@< {_:0D@<.


J@ *z •(<@l *4"8L2X<J@l *4XB8gLFg< {/F4`*@l gl )g8n@l


PD0F`:g<@l 6" Jl <\60l •B"DPl J 2g •<"2ZFT<. BD@FgD-


P@:X<@L  *z  "J@  J  <"  <2g@< (g<@:X<0< J< BD@nJ\<


n"F4< gBg<q


8$4@l @J@l •<ZD, l :< *`:@< •:n4B@8gbg4,


{/F\@*@l 9@bFF4 JgJ4:X<@l •2"<VJF4q


J@ *z J@4 68X@l FJ"4 F@< Jz B46\*<"J"4 fl.


•88 )4l Bgnb8">@ ;g:g\@L 6V884:@< –8F@lq


6g24 *X J@4 2"<VJ@4@ JX8@l BgBDT:X<@< FJ\<.


*z {/F\@*@l •6@bF"l J@ PD0F:@ Jl Ag8@B@<<ZF@L :< •<g-


PfDg4  <@:\F"l  J<  6g  ;g:X"<  J< 2g< 8X(g4<, gl *z ?<`0<


205 Cf. Varro ap. Gellium 3, 11, Pausanias IX 31, 3, Anthol. Palat. 7, 53 vita Homeri Procliana, Libanius Apol. Socrat. III p. 22 Reisk., Dio Chrysostomus loco supra adlato 210 Jl <\60l •B"DPl scilicet J< FJXn"<@<. Aliter hunc locum interpretatus esse videtur Goettlingius, qui in praef. p. XV haec exhibet: "Ex ipsis Hesiodo tributis carminibus didicerant Chalcide poetam in celebrandis Amphidamantis exsequiis tripodem accepisse, quum hymno prae omnibus excelluisset. Quem tripodem quamquam auctor versuum illorum Musis Heliconiis consecratum esse dicit, visum in Helicone etiam a Pausania, tamen non desunt, qui Apollini Pythio ab Hesiodo dedicatum esse dicant, quamquam •B"DP" ab auctore Certaminis Homeri et Hesiodi memoratae longe aliter possunt intellegi." Quos his verbis scriptores significet Goettlingius, prorsus ignoro 215 J@ *z J@4] S J@ *z *Z J@4, sed *z linea notatum | F@<] F0< FSE et Goettlingius 216 Bgnb8">@] S | 6V884:@<] in F 6V884:@<, sed : correctum ex aliis litteris, fortasse ex FJ, S 6V884FJ@<, in marg. rubr. B"<F64@<. E 6V884FJ@<, Barnesius •(8"<, qui et gD< et 6V884:@< proposuit 219 ?<`0<] FSE ?<`0<: Westermannus mavult. | Ex eodem fonte, quo Certaminis auctor usus est, Ioannes Tzetzes in Hesiodi vita Westerm. p. 48 haec excerpsit: Jg8gLJ *z {/F\@*@l < 7@6D\*4 J@4@LJ@JD`BTl. :gJ J< <\60<, < "J< <g<4606X<"4 n"F< B J Jg8gLJ z!:n4*V:"<J@l, gl )g8n@l B@Dgb20 6" *`20 "J @J@F PD0F:`lq

8$4@l @J@l •<D, l :< *`:@< •:n4B@8gbg4


{/F\@*@l 9@bFF4 JgJ4:X<@l •2"<VJF4q


J@ *z J@4 68X@l FJ"4 F@< Jz B46\*<"J"4 fl.


•88 )4l Bgnb8">@ ;g:g\@L 6V884:@< –8F@l.


z6g (VD J@4 (Goettl. 6" (D 6g) 2"<VJ@4@ JX8@l BgBDT:X<@< FJ\<.


* J< < Ag8@B@<<ZF ;g:X"< nL(< < ?<` (P @f<, <@4< M, J @`< G) Jl 7@6D\*@l Bz z!:n4nV<@Ll 6" '"<b6J@D@l J< M0(XTl B"\*T< •<"4DgJ"4  6"  \BJgJ"4  gl  J<  2V8"FF"<  l  n2g\D"l J< •*g8n<  6g\<T<  5J4:X<0<,  >  l (g<<Z20 EJ0F\P@D@l, 6"8gJ@ *z ?<`0  )4l  ;g:g\@L  gD<.  :gJ  * JD\J0< :XD"< B *g8n\<T< BDl J< "(4"8< >ZP20 J F:" :gJ"> 7@6D\*@l 6" +$@\"l, 6" 2"R"< "J< 7@6D@ < ;g:X‘ J Jl ?<`0l, @ * n@<gl "J@ <0l B4$V<Jgl Bg4D<J@ nL(g<,  Pg4:<4  *  *4gn2VD0F"<.  z?DP@:X<4@4  *z  FJgD@< 6"J PD0F:< <g(6`<Jgl J {/F4`*@L FJ 2VBJ@LF4< < :XF J •(@D” 6" BX(D"R"< JV*gq

}!F6D0 :< B"JDl B@8L8Z4@l, •88 2"<`<J@l


FJX" B80>\BBT< ( 94<L< 6"JXPg4


{/F4`*@L, J@ B8gFJ@< < •<2DfB@4l 68X@l FJ\<


•<*D< 6D4<@:X<T< < $"FV<@4l F@n\0l.


BX(D"Rg * 6" A\<*"D@lq


O"Dg *l $ZF"l 6" *l JVn@L •<J4$@8ZF"l


{/F\@*z, •<2DfB@4l :XJD@< PT< F@n\0l.


Jl  7@6D\*@l  82< 6"J"8bg4 B"Dz z!:n4nV<g4 6" '"<b6J@D4,


J@l  M0(XTl  B"4F<, •(<@ZF"l J :"<Jg@<q (D J`B@l @J@l


žB"l  6"8gJ@  )4l ;g:g\@L gD`<. *4"JD4$l *z"J B8g\@<@l


(g<@:X<0l  <  J@l  ?<gT<gF4<  B@<@ZF"<Jgl @ <g"<\F6@4 J<


•*g8n<  "J<  :@4Pgbg4<  J< {/F\@*@<, •B@6Jg\<"<Jgl gl J


:gJ">  Jl  +$@\"l  6" Jl 7@6D\*@l BX8"(@l 6"JgB`<J4F"<q


J@  * <g6D@ JD4J"\@L BDl J< (< B *g8n\<T< BD@Fg<gP-


2X<J@l, @DJl J4<@l B4PTD\@L B"Dz "J@l @F0l {C\@L (<g\"l,


222 ;g:g\@L] F ;g:\@L 223 ?<gT<gF4<] sic Sauppius Orat. Att. II, 155. FSE  ?<F4<,  Barnesius  ?<4F4<, Goettlingius ?<gF4<, Westermannus < J ?<g<<4 | B@<@ZF"<Jgl] Sauppius ibid. B@J@BZF"<Jgl. In S p. 195 in (g<@:X<0l desinit, p. 196 incipit (g<@:X<0l < J@l @<F4< 225 Jl +$@\"l] sic Ioannes Tzetzes quoque: unde confirmatur hunc errorem iam in communi fonte locum habuisse. Ceterum mihi constat +$@\"l et 7@6D\*@l voces e falsa lectione natas esse: Alcidamas, si quid video, Jl #@8\<"l (vel Jl +B"8\"l) 6" Jl 9@8L6D\"l scripsit. Goettlingius 9@8L6D\"l pro +$@\"l proposuit, Bergkius z!P"\"l 6" Jl 7@6D\*@l 227 {C\@L (<g\"l] sic conieci: FSE •D4"*<g4"l.


BV<Jgl  B  J<  "(4"8<  *D":@<  6" J F:" (<TD\F"<Jgl


6g<@  :<  Bg<2ZF"<Jgl  2"R"<, J@l * n@<gl •<g.ZJ@L<. @


*  n@$02X<Jgl  J< J< B@84J< D(<, 6"J"FBVF"<Jgl 84gL-


J46< F6Vn@l *4XB8gLF"< gl 5DZJ0<q @l 6"J :XF@< J< B8@<


 -gl  6gD"L<fF"l  6"JgB`<JTFg<,  l n0F4< z!864*V:"l <


9@LFg\. z+D"J@F2X<0l *X n0F4< < {/F4`* 5J\:g<@< 6" }!<J4-


n@<  J@l '"<b6J@D@l B J BD@g4D0:X< "J\‘ •<g8`<J"l Fn"-


(4"F2<"4  2g@l  J@l  >g<\@4l Bz +DL68X@Ll J@ :VJgTl. J<


:X<J@4  B"D2X<@<,  J<  •*g8n<  J<  BD@g4D0:X<T<,  :gJ J<


n2@D< "LJ< •<"DJl"4, n2"D<"4 *z B` J4<@l >X<@L FL<`*@L


J@ {/F4`*@L, )0:f*@Ll <@:", < 6" "J< •<"4Dg2<"4 B


J< "J< n0F4<. FJgD@< *z z?DP@:X<4@4 6"J PD0F:< :gJg-


<X(6"<Jgl "J< B"Dz "J@l 2"R"< 6" BX(D"R"< B J




}!F6D0 :< B"JDl B@8L8Z4@l, •88 2"<`<J@l


FJX" B80>\BBT< ( 94<L< 6"JXPg4


{/F4`*@L, J@ B8gFJ@< < •<2DfB@4l 68X@l FJ\<


•<*D< 6D4<@:X<T< < $"FV< F@n\0l.


6" BgD :< {/F4`*@L J@F"J". *z{_:0D@l •B@JLP< Jl


<\60l BgD4gDP`:g<@l 8g(g J B@4Z:"J", BDJ@< :< J< 10$"*",


B0 s., l •DPZq


232 z!864*V:"l < 9@LFg\] Goettlingius temere coniecit aut 5"88\:"P@l < 9@LFg\ aut z!864*V:"l < 9gFF0<4"6. Heffterus in Diariis antiqu. a, 1839 p. 860 nihil mutandum esse dicit: quem Osannus sequitur. Cf. Bergkius in Anal. Alexandr. part. I p. 26 et Val. Roseus Aristot. pseudepigr. p. 508 233 < {/F4`*] F < <0B`*T, S <0B`*R, Barnesius < z!<*D"B`*: cf. Bernhardyus Eratosth. p. 241. {/F4`* Goettlingius et Bergkius Anal. Alex. I p. 26 232 in F fol. 18a 6gD"L<fF"l vocabulo incipit 234 '"<b6J@D@l] S ("<<b6J@D@l | •<g8`<J"l] sic ego cum F: vulgo •<g82`<J"l 235 2g@l] restitui: quod F praebet. S , S 2gF:@l et sic omnes editiones | J@l] addidit Bernhardyus: om. FSE 237 n2@D<] sic ego cum F: vulgo nTDV< 239 "J<] sic FSE: Bernhardyi coniectura •FJ<, quam Westermannus recepit, prorsus est reicienda 242 }!F6D0] S !}F6D0, rubr. –F0D0 243 94<L<] Barnesius ex Pausania IX, 38: FSE :4<LVl, Tzetzes ex eodem fonte (Westerm. p. 49) :4<b0l vel :4<b@l vel tale aliquid; apud eundem in codd. V P M B80>\BB@L. Fortasse igitur communi fonti B80>\BB@L ( 94<LVl lectio vindicanda est 245 $"FV<] Tzetzes $"FV<@4l, ubi Westermannus p. 49 mavult $"FV< 248 B0 s.] sic G. Hermannus  p.  286. F . Welckerus ep. Cycl. p. 204 auctorem voluisse $4$8\" censuit. [Cf. Opusc. phil. I p. 82 sq. F. R.]


}!D(@l –g4*g 2gV, <2g< –<"6Jglq


gJ" z+B4(`<@Ll, B0 s., < •DPZq


<< "2z B8@JXDT< •<*D< •DPf:g2", 9@F"4.


n"F (VD J4<gl 6" J"J" {?:ZD@L g<"4. •6@bF"<Jgl * J<


B< @ 9\*@L J@ $"F48XTl B"*gl =V<2@l 6" '`D(@l B"D"-


6"8@F4< "J< B\(D"::" B@4F"4 B J@ JVn@L J@ B"JDl


"J<, nz @ < B"D2X<@l P"86 J@ 9\*@L 2V<"J@< @6J4.@-


:X<0. 6" B@4g @JTlq


P"86X0 B"D2X<@l g:, 9\*@L *z B FZ:"J@l :"4.


FJz —< *TD Jg <V 6" *X<*Dg" :"6D Jg2Z8


6" B@J":@ B8Z2TF4, BgD468b. * 2V8"FF",


X84@l *z •<4< n"\< 8":BDV Jg Fg8Z<0,


"J@ J*g :X<@LF" B@8L68"bJ B Jb:$


F0:"<XT B"D4@F4, 9\*0l J4 J*g JX2"BJ"4.


8"$< * B"Dz "J< n4V80< •D(LD< •<"J\20F4< < )g8n@l


J z!B`88T<4, B4(DVR"l


M@$g –<">, *D`< J@4 {_:0D@l 6"8< *T6"


FF4< B4nD@Fb<"4l, F *X :@4 68X@l "ƥ< BV.@4l.


:gJ * J"J" B@4g J< z?*bFFg4"<, B0 9s$t, BgB@406l *0


J< z384V*" B< 9sgnt. B"D"(g<`:g<@< *z 6g2g< gl z!2Z<"l


250 z+B4(`<@Ll Barnesius correxit: FSE Bg4(@:X<@L | B0 s.] F : correxit G. Hermannus | In S p. 196 desinit in "J< nz @, p. 197 nz @ incipit 257 P"86X0] FSE P"86 260 X84@l *z] sic Westermannus: FSE X84`l Jz | 8":BDV FSE. 8":BDZ Goettlingius | Epigramma legitur etiam ap. Plat. Phaedr. p. 264 D, Dion. Chrysostom. or. 37 p. 465, Laert. Diog. I, 89, Anthol. Palat. I p. 348, Epigr. Hom. 3, Herodot. vita Homeri p. 5 West.; versus secundus ap. Longin. de subl. 36, 2, Sext. Empir. hypot. 2, 3: qui inter se et in ordine versuum et in singulis lectionibus sat discrepant. Conf. Simonidis fragm. Bergk. poet. lyr. ed. III p. 1138, cuius verba multum valuisse videntur ad singulos epigrammatis versus disponendos. Ceterum cum Bergkio non dispicio, qua ratione Cleobulus Lindius huius epigrammatis auctor dici potuerit: Simonides igitur alios Cleobuli versus significavit 265 Cf. Anthol. Palat. 2 p. 876 | *D`< J@4] sic cum F: vulgo *D@< J`*z, quod Barnesius proposuit (qui in ms. esse 8< J`*z scripsit.) 266 FF4< B4nD@Fb<"4l] FF B@nD"*:@Fb<"4l Barnesius 267 B0 9s$t] sic ego correxi: in F :$n: $ pr. man. ex alia littera (4 ut videtur) correcta 268 B< 9sgnt] sic ego: F :sg, S in marg. : FTl :LD4V*"l. Barnesius B< 6*r ut prius B0 6*r. Numeri corrupti quidem sunt, sed ita ut alter ex altero restitui possit. Odyssea nunc quidem est versuum 12107, Ilias 15693 | B"D"(g<`:g<@<] Westermannus: FSE B"D"(g<`:g<@l


"J< >g<4F2<"\ n"F4 B"D 9X*@<J4 J $"F48g J< z!20<"\T<.


<  * J $@L8gLJ0D\ RbP@Ll <J@l 6" BLDl 6"4@:X<@L FPg-


*4VF"4 8X(gJ"4 J@bF*g J@l FJ\P@Llq


•<*Dl :< FJXn"<@4 B"*gl, BbD(@4 * B`80@l,


BB@4 *z " Bg*\@L 6`F:@l, <gl * 2"8VFF0l,


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


8"@l g< •(@DF4 6"2Z:g<@4 gF@DV"F2"4.


"2@:X<@L * BLDl (gD"DfJgD@l @6@l *XF2"4


:"J4 Pg4:gD\ B`J"< <\nF4 5D@<\T<.


6g2g< * B"D"(g<`:g<@l gl 5`D4<2@< DD"Rf*g4 J B@4Z:"J".


J4:02gl  *  :g(V8Tl  B"D"(\<gJ"4 gl }!D(@l 6" 8X(g4 6 Jl


z384V*@l J B0 JV*gq


@ *z }!D(@l Jz gP@< I\DL<2V Jg Jg4P4`gFF"<


{+D:4`<0< Jz z!F\<0< Jg, $"2< 6"J 6`8B@< P@bF"l,


ID@4.<z z/4`<"l Jg 6" •:Bg8`g<Jz z+B\*"LD@<


<F`< Jz !(4<"< 9VF0JV Jg 6@D@4 z!P"4<,


J< "2z (g:`<gLg $@< •("2l )<g\*"@


IL*g\*0l, @ B"JDl PT< :X<@l ?<g\*"@,


6" E2X<g8@l 5"B"<@l •("68g4J@ n\8@l L`l.


J@F4 *z ž:z +DbBL8@l JD\J"J@l 6\g<, F`2g@l nfl,


9064FJXTl Ll I"8"@<\*"@ –<"6J@l.


6 BV<JT< *z (gJ@ $@< •("2l )<g\*"@.


272 FJXn"<@4] sic FSE: vulgo FJXn"<@l 273 lacunae signum posui: versus qui excidit talis fere fuisse videtur PDZ:"J" *z @6@< •>g4, •JD 6@F:l $"F48gl. Deinde 8"@l pro 8"l et 6"2Z:g<@4 pro 6"2Z:g<@l correxi et *z. Versus in Herodoti vita Homeri p. 16 West. ita traduntur:

•<*Dl :< FJXn"<@l B"*gl, BbD(@4 * B`80@l,

BB@4 *z < Bg*\R 6`F:@l, <gl * 2"8VFF0l,

PDZ:"J" *z ">g4 @6@<, •JD (g("D@ $"F48gl

:g<@4 g< •(@D 6`F:@l 8"@F4< (sic restitui: vulgo 6`F:@l Jz –88@4F4<)


"2@:X<@L * BLDl (gD"DfJgD@l @6@l *XF2"4.

278 in F fol. 18b incipit gl 6`D4<2@< 282 z!F\<0<] S •F40< 284 !(4<"< 9VF0JV Jg] S !(4<"< Jg :VF0JV Jg, in marg. rubr. @ Jz P@< !(4<"<: cf. Iliad. II 562 283 in S marg. rubr. "hic versus non est apud Homerum in vulg. edit." | S p. 197 Ll J@F4 desinit, p. 198 J@F4 incipit 286 non exstat in Iliadis loco (II 563) 288 +DbBL8@l] Il. II 565 +DbB"8@l 290 6 BV<JT<] Il. II 567 FL:BV<JT<


J@F4 *z ž:z (*f6@<J" :X8"4<"4 <gl B@<J@


< *z –<*Dgl B@8X:@4@ *"Z:@<gl FJ4P`T<J@


z!D(g@4 84<@2fD06gl, 6X<JD" BJ@8X:@4@.


J<  *z  z!D(g\T<  @ BD@gFJ06`Jgl BgD$@8 P"DX<Jgl  B J


(6T:4V.gF2"4  J  (X<@l "J< B J@ <*@>@JVJ@L  J< B@40


J<,  "J<  :< B@8LJg8XF4 *TDg"l J\:0F"<, g6`<" * P"86<


•<"FJZF"<Jgl R0n\F"<J@ 2LF\"< B4Jg8g< {?:0D 6"2z :XD"<


6"  6"J :<" 6" 6"Jz <4"LJ`<, 6" –880< 2LF\"< Bg<J"gJ0-


D\*" gl O\@< •B@FJX88g4<. B4(DVn@LF4 *z B Jl g6`<@l "J@q


2g@l {_:0D@l *z FJ\<, F {+88V*" J< :g(V8"LP@<


BF"< 6`F:0Fg< 6"884gBg F@n\,


>@P" *z z!D(g\@Ll, @ J< 2g@Jg4PX" ID@\0<


Dg4R"< B@4<< L6`:@L {+8X<0l.


@ PVD4< FJ0Fg< *:@l :g("8`BJ@48l "J<


<2V*g 6" J4:"l •:nXBg4 •2"<VJT<.


<*4"JD\R"l  *  J B`8g4 PD`<@< J4< *4XB8gLFg<  gl )8@< gl


J<  B"<Z(LD4<.  6"  FJ"2gl  B  J<  6gDVJ4<@<  $T:< 8X(g4


:<@< gl z!B`88T<" @ •DPq


:<ZF@:"4 @* 8V2T:"4 z!B`88T<@l 6VJ@4@.


02X<J@l  *  J@  :<@L  @  :< z[T<gl B@8\J0< "J< 6@4<@<


B@4ZF"<J@, )Z84@4  * (DVR"<Jgl J B0 gl 8gb6T:" •<X206"<


<  J  Jl z!DJX:4*@l gD. Jl  *  B"<0(bDgTl  8L2g\F0l


B@40Jl gl z[@< B8gLFg BDl 5DgfnL8@< 6•6g PD`<@< *4XJD4$g


BDgF$bJ0l  <  *0.  B  * Jl 2"8VFF0l 6"2Z:g<@l B"\*T<


J4<< •nz 8g\"l DP@:X<T<, l n"F4, BL2`:g<@l


292 et 293 in Iliade non reperinutur, cf. II v. 559 ss.; alterum versum oraculum Delphicum (cf. Poet. lyr. Bergk. ed. III p. 541) exhibet 294 Cf. Herodot. V 67: 58g4F2X<0l (D z!D(g\@4F4 B@8g:ZF"l, J@ØJ@ :¥<, Õ"RR*@×l §B"LFg ¦< E46Lä<4 •(T<\.gF2"4 Jä< {?:0Dg\T< ¦BXT< gË<g6g<, ÓJ4 z!D(gÃ@\ Jg 6" }!D(@l J B@88 BV<J" ß:<X"J"4 298 Westermannus 6" ante –880< addidit: hoc aut * deesse monuit G. Hermannus 299 gl O\@<] F l P\@<, S FP\@<, in marg. l P\@< 300 :g(V8"LP@<] FSE :g("8"bP0< 301 6"884gBgà F@n\®] sic Stephanus e coniectura: F 6"884gB\04 F@n\04 Jg, S 6"884gB\® F@n\® Jg, in marg. 6"884gBg F@n\ 303 B@4<<] F B@4<l, sequitur commatis signum et vacuum  trium  litterarum  spatium.  B@4<<  Barnesius 304 FJ0Fg<] FS FJ0Fg

| :g("8`BJ@84l] F :g("8`B@84l, S :g("8@B@84l, E :g("8`BJ@84l 307 6gDVJ4<@<] FS 6gD"J\<@<, E 6gD"J<@< 311 cf. schol. ad. Pind. Olymp. VII inscr. 313 5DgfnL8@<] F 6Dg`nL8@<, E 6DgfnL8@< | *4XJD4$g] F *4XJD4$g< 315 8g\"l] Barnesius 84g\"l et infra 84g\‘

–<*Dgl •Bz z!D6"*\0l 20DZJ@Dgl, z P@:X< J4;


gB`<JT< *z 6g\<T<q


Flz  8@:g<  84B`:gF2z,  F"  *z @P 8@:g< ngD`:gF2",


@  <@ZF"l  J 8gP2< DgJ@ "J@l J4 8X(@4g<. @ *X n"F4<


< 8g\‘ :< •(DgF"4 :0*<, n2g4D\F2"4 *, 6" J< n2g4D<


@l  8"$@<  6"J"84Bg<,  @l  *z @P 8"$@< < J@l :"J\@4l


nXDg4<. •<":<0F2gl  * J@ :"<Jg\@L J4 J JX8@l "J@ 6@4


J@  $\@L,  B@4g  J  J@ JVn@L "J@ B\(D"::". •<"PTD<


*z  6g2g<, <J@l B08@ 84F2<  6" BgF< B J< B8gLD<


JD4J"@l,  l n"F4, Jg8gLJ, 6" JVn0 < }3. FJ4 * J B\-


(D"::" J`*gq


<2V*g J< gD< 6gn"8< 6"J ("" 6"8bJg4,


•<*D< DfT< 6@F:ZJ@D", 2g@< {_:0D@<.


316 µ Õz §P@:X< J4] S µDz F @:X< J4 318 84B`:gF2z ÓF" *z @ÛP ª8@:g<] FS 84B`:gF2", *l @ÛP ª8@:g< | ngD`:gF2"] S ngD`:g2" 322 *¥ J@Ø] Westermannus mavult *z ¦6 J@Ø | 323 "J@] Westermannus mavult "J 325 JD4J"Ã@l òl n"FÂ] S JD4J"4 n"FÂ, in marg. JD4J"Ã@l òl n"FÂ

[Vberiore commentatione hoc "Certamen" omne ab ipso editore enarratum vide in Musei Rhenani vol. XXV p. 528 sqq. [S. 271-86] et vol. XXVI [S. 286-334].]

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