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Lectures delivered by Nietzsche at Basel University.

"My dear good friend, recently I received through Susemihl [Franz Susemihl (1826-1901): Professor of Classical Philology in Greifswald] a preliminary inquiry, whether I would accept a professorship at Greifswald but I declined at once in your favor, recommending you. Has the matter gone any further? I referred it to Ribbeck [Otto Ribbeck (1827-1898): Professor of Classical Philology in Kiel].— Here the matter has just become known and has aroused great sympathy for me among the good people of Basel. Although I protested that it was not an offer but only a preliminary inquiry, the student body decided on a torchlight procession for me, motivated by the fact that they wished to express how much my past work in Basel was valued and respected. Anyway, I declined the procession.— I am now holding lectures here on 'The Future of Our Educational Institutions' and have so far caused a 'sensation,' even at times enthusiasm."
— January [28] 1872: Letter from Friedrich Nietzsche to Erwin Rohde.
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