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The Classical Philology Club at
the University of Leipzig.
July 1866.
Nietzsche sitting far left.
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Friedrich Nietzsche in Words and Pictures.

This enhanced image of a photograph taken by Carl Riedel is now dated "July 1866" by the Goethe-Schiller Archive (GSA 101/39). GSA had previously dated it "1865-66." The date is ascertained via a July 29, 1866 entry (see KGB 1/4, 424) in the diary of Heinrich Wilhelm Wisser (1843-1935), an original member of the philological society, who is sitting next to Nietzsche in the photo. The photographer, Carl Riedel, had a studio at Rosentalstrasse 5, Leipzig. Sitting L to R: Friedrich Nietzsche, Heinrich Wilhelm Wisser, Constantin Angermann, Erwin Rohde. Standing L to R: Sigismund Heynemann, Wilhelm Roscher, Ernst Windisch, Heinrich Cron, Heinrich Romundt, Otto Kohlschütter. The photo was published in Elisabeth Förster-Nietzsche; Fritz Schöll, Friedrich Nietzsches Briefwechsel mit E. Rohde. Zweite Auflage. Leipzig: Insel, [1902], VIII. [Series: Friedrich Nietzsches gesammelte Briefe, Bd. 2.]: